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Image : Carl Rottiers   Sound : Gauthier Hammer, Sarah Gouret   Art direction : Raphaël Rubbens   Costume : Isabelle Lhoas   Make-up : Saori Matsui   Editing : Martine Doyen, Frédérique Broos   Mix : Emmanuel de Boissieux    Music : P I L O O T   Production : Anthony Rey

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Stella is an actress on the sidelines who loses her ability to laugh after sustaining a brain injury. Without humour, she can no longer work and her life despairs her… Under advice from her neurologist, she meets Frank, a geologist, driller/blaster in an exploitation, who suffers from the same syndrome.


As a viewer, I have always liked the use of style in film. I like to get lost in a unique visual universe and be strung along by unusual poetic stories. As a filmmaker, I am naturally drawn to this kind of cinema that has always inspired me; the kind of cinema that atmospherically wavers between genres, with humor, mystery and emotion, distancing myself from pure and harsh naturalism, telling stories rather than giving evidence, while staying in tune with the current world. The kind of stylized cinema built around incarnate, quirky, borderline and “larger than life” characters.

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