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Image : Yves Cantraine   Sound : Ricardo Castro   Editing : Yves Cantraine   Mix : Loïc Villiot   Music : Albert Markos   Production : Anthony Rey, Yves Cantraine


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The area of Nijar, in Andalusia, has experienced a tremendous developement within a generation, from premodernity to consumerism. Plastic hothouses have progressively been invading the region, and cover the earth. The impact on the environment is disastrous. But it is also affecting culture : people forget the past, and souls are covered with plastic as well. Memory is sacrificed on the altar of productivity.

Plastico is at once a documentary and a cycle of songs, a filmed oratorio composed and interpreted in situ by rising Hungarian star Veronika Harcsa, and virtuoso violoncellist Albert Markos. It tries to reconquer memory while questioning its own images.

Awards and selections

Montevideo intl film festival - Uruguay 2014

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