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Image : Gilles Bissot   Sound : Aline Gavroy, Carine Zimmerlin   Make-up : Fabienne Adam   Editing : Frédérique Broos   Mix : Thomas Gauder   Production : Anthony Rey

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George is a good salesman, a good father, a gentle husband, a faithful friend, a good handyman.
But that very night, George makes a terrible mistake. On a freeway, he looses his temper and, in a fit of rage, kills a man. Frightened by his own violence, he is now stuck with his victim’s girlfriend, unable to finish her off or to let her go
His life takes a new turn: he must adapt his everyday habits in order to hide his captive. And yet it is still as a good father, a gentle husband, a faithful friend and especially as a good handyman that George attempts to get out of this messy situation from which arises a dreadful chain of events.

Coproduction (France) : Pomme Production

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