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Image : Bart Van Otterdijk et Nicolas Boucart   Sound : Baptiste Kleitz   Art direction : Laurie Colson   Costume : Sandra Seignoret   Make-up : Fabienne Adam   Editing : Ewin Ryckaert   Mix : Luc Thomas   Music : Renaud De Putter   Production : Anthony Rey

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France 3 - 2006-2007

Same filmmaker


Day breaks in a quiet and peaceful little village. An old man awakens, as he does exceptional when all the things he has always done without thinking, by force of habit, are lived for the last time...every morning, but today, without knowing why, he senses that he is opening his eyes to look at life for the last time.
His day is spent exactly as usual, as every day has been for years... but nothing is experienced in the same way. This unremitting and sensible routine becomes suddenly

Awards and selections

  • Selected at Festival Tous Courts d’Aix-en-Provance - 2005
  • Sélectionné au Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur
    Belgium 2005
  • Selected at Festival Le court en dit long - Paris 2005
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