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Image : Manuel Dacosse    Sound : Paul Heymans, Fred Meert    Art direction : Amandine Grafé   Costume : Jackye Fauconnier    Make-up : Valentine Delbey   Editing : Stéphanie Goldshmidt   Production : Anthony Rey

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Claire, recently separated from the father of her boy of six, goes back to stay with her parents. Between her footloose and fancy free elder sister and her folks who judge her harshly as a mom, Claire has a hard time managing life with her son...

Coproduction. Produced by Paul Fonteyn (Fontana)

Awards and selections

Selected at Festival Européen du Film Court de Brest - 2006

Selected at Festival International du Film d’Amiens - Section Belgique tout court - 2006

Selected at Festival International du Film Francophone - Namur 2006

Selected at Festival du Court-métrage de Bruxelles - 2006

Selected at festival Le Court en dit Long - Paris 2006

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