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Image : Sébastien Goepfert   Sound : Ludovic Van Pachterbeke   Editing : Lilian Corbeille   Mix : Rémi Gerard   Music : Khyam Allami   Production : Sandra da Fonseca, Imed Marzouk et Anthony Rey

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Tunis, summer 2010, a few months before the Revolution: Farah, 18 years-old, has just graduated and her family already sees her as a future doctor. But she doesn’t think the same way. She sings in a political rock band. She has a passion for life, gets drunk, discovers love and her city by night against the will of her mother Hayet, who knows Tunisia and its dangers too well.

Co-produced by Blue Monday Productions (France) & Propaganda Production (Tunisie)
With support of cinémas du monde – CNC/ Institut français
Ministère de la Culture Tunisien
Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
Aide à la production – Visions Sud Est
Aide au développement – SANAD (Abu Dhabi)
Dubai Film Connection Award
Aide à la réécriture de la Région Centre

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